Dormitory Lodging at the Desert Outdoor Center
Two separate dorm room complexes accommodate 75 each.
Multipurpose Room
A large conference room seating up to 150 people is situated adjacent to the kitchen and can be used as a dining hall.
Three indoor classrooms with each room seating about 40 people each.
A popular spot to roast marshmallows and sing camp songs at night, this outdoor amphitheater seats 200 people.
An area fully equipped with commercial grade amenities.
Brick Patio
This large circular brick patio serves as a picnic and gathering area.
Solar Panels
An array of solar panels that cool/heat the main building offers passive educational opportunities.
Animal Exhibit
This exhibit displays reptiles and amphibians native to the Sonoran Desert.
Lake Pleasant
Viewed from the Center and used as an educational resource, the lake entrance is located 4 miles west of the Center.
Hiking Trail
Visitors have access to a two-mile loop trail providing panoramic views of Lake Pleasant.
Two educational gardens that emphasize pollination and ethnobotany incorporate passive interpretive displays.
Gift Shop
Guests can purchase a wide variety of souvenirs to commemorate their experience.

More Information

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