Alien InvasionSubjects: Science
Grades: 3-12

Students will be introduced to invasive species and discuss their impacts on the ecosystem by examining local examples. They will then learn explore how invasive species spread through an interactive game in which they become the "invaders."

Ancient Ones!Subjects: Art, Science, Social Studies
Grades: K-6

Students will be provided a historical and hands-on look at Native American rock art. This class will emphasize the protection, preservation and history of artifacts. In addition, students will be given the opportunity to create their own pictographs.

Aquatic LifeSubject: Science
Grades: 2-12

In this course students will play the role of microbiologists. Students will discover aquatic communities and animals, and learn the difference between lakes and ponds as they examine living specimens under a microscope. Post-visit Activity

Archaeology I & IISubjects: Science, Social Studies
Grades: 2-12

In Archaeology I students will be introduced to important archaeological concepts and terms such as chronology, context, inference, artifacts, and observation through participation in games of ancient times, and hands-on activities. Archaeology II is a sequel to Archaeology I and provides a hands-on excavation experience in a simulated Hohokam house site. Pre-visit Activity

Archery I & IISubject: Physical Activity
Grades: 4-12

Ready, Aim, Shoot - Bull's Eye! This fun, hands-on program exposes prospective archers to the sport of international style target archery. Archers follow the 11 Steps to Archery Success as they operate their bow and shoot an arrow. These steps safely guide archers through form, execution, and reflection of each shot. This program is for every student whether they are a beginner or on their way to becoming a professional. The maximum group size is 60 students.

Archery II takes students to the next level! Participants learn to improve accuracy and enjoy some friendly competition. There is a 20 student maximum for groups visiting half day and a 40 student maximum for groups visiting full day. Archery I is a prerequisite.

All Ranger Masters are certified through the National Archery in the Schools Program and equipment is provided by the Arizona Game and Fish Department. Pre-visit Activity

Arizona Rocks!Subjects: History, Science
Grades 3-12

This geology course familiarizes students with rocks and minerals. Students will be exposed to crystals, gems, aggregates, and fossils indigenous to the area. This class introduces the rock cycle, mineral formation, methods of identification, and how these materials are used for industrial purposes. Pre-visit Activity

Bat AttitudesSubject: Science
Grades: K-12

This creative class will invite students into the dark realm of bats. Students will examine the uniqueness, physiology and adaptations of bats through presentation and simulated activities. This class is designed to dispel any misconceptions about these often misunderstood creatures.

BugsSubject: Science
Grades: K-12

Come explore the most astonishing animals on earth, insects! Students will see how insects differ from other animals. Students will learn terminology such as endoskeleton and exoskeleton. After a classroom presentation, students will explore natural areas to locate and identify these creatures. Pre-vistit Activity / Post-visit Lesson Plan

CactimendousSubject: Science
Grades: K-12

Students will study various species of cactus, examine them closely, and learn how to use a taxonomic key. Students will use the process of gathering information, interpreting data and thinking deductively. This program may be modified into a ranger led hike. Please ask for more details.

Cast-Away KidsSubject: Science
Grades: K-12

This informative class will instruct children on basic fishing knowledge and skills, and will promote awareness, appreciation and support for Arizona's recreational fishing opportunities. Participants get a look at Arizona's native and non-native fish species. Students will learn hands-on casting and rod handling skills.

Desert Survival I & IISubject: Science, Social Studies, Work Place Skills Development
Grades K-12

In Desert Survival I (DS I), students will learn the basic skills of constructing a fire, building a shelter, and signaling for help. Desert Survival II (DS II) consists of group participation in a simulated exercise to apply skills learned in DS I. DS I and DS II are two separate classes.

Dino DetectivesSubjects: Science
Grades: K-8

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a paleontologist and dig up a dinosaur? It's a lot of hard work but it is a cross between being a detective and finding buried treasure. Through the eyes of a paleontologist, students will learn how fossils form and then get their hands dirty as they make a "dino-mite" discovery of their own in the excavation pit.

Earth EnergySubject: Science
Grades: 4-12

Discover what electricity is, and the many ways it is produced in this comprehensive class. Students will explore different types of renewable energy including solar, wind, and hydro through demonstrations and hands-on experiments.

Eco-SystemsSubject: Science
Grades: K-8

Students will learn what is meant by the term ecosystem. This class will introduce the concepts of food chain, food pyramid, and the interdependence of all organisms and their environment. Activities in this class will teach students predator-prey relationships, balance of nature, and extinction. This program may be modified into a ranger led hike. Please ask for more details.

EdiblesSubjects: Science, Social Studies
Grades: 4-12

While on a hike, students will be introduced to edible plants of the area. They will learn which plants should not be touched, how edible plants can be cooked, and how native people used these desert plants for medicinal purposes. This class is offered in early spring or fall. This program may be modified into a ranger led hike. Please ask for more details.

Feathered FriendsSubject: Science
Grades: 1-5

Students will explore the many adaptations that make birds unique creatures and allow them to thrive in almost any environment on the planet! The talons, wings, and feathers of many native Arizona birds will be available for students to examine up-close, giving them a unique perspective on these "masters of the air". We will embark on a bird walk outside after the indoor lesson.

HikeSubjects: Science, Social Studies
Grades: K-12

This class is designed as an interpretive and recreational hike. Students will learn geology, animal signs, plant names, history, and ecology along a designated trail. For grades K-2 this class wil consist of a shorter hike that emphasizes the shapes, sounds, and colors of the desert.

In Cold BloodSubject: Science
Grades: K-12

This class offers a look into the world of reptiles and amphibians. After discussion on cold blooded animal adaptations and common desert species, students view creatures in a live reptile exhibit hall. Animal Curatorship presentations (in lieu of discussion) are available on MWF upon request. Pre-visit Activity

Mad Map RelaySubject: Social Studies
Grades: 5-12

In this class, students will learn how to use a map and compass. Designed around a fun outdoor relay race, this hands-on exercise will help students communicate, work together and apply their new basic orienteering skills! Pre-visit Activity / Post-visit Activity

MammalsSubject: Science
Grades: K-12

Students will learn how mammals use their physical characteristics for survival, and how they differ from other creatures. Students will examine mammal pelts, skulls, and tracks. Activities will be incorporated to assist students in remembering Arizona mammals and practice using newly learned vocabulary.

Mind BoggleSubjects: Physical Education, Work Place Skills Development
Grades: 3-12

In this class students will experience group dynamics and develop team-building skills such as communication, leadership, cooperation, and trust. Students will work together in fun group activities to overcome challenging obstacles.

Nature NotesSubject: Art
Grades: 2-6

Throughout the ages right into today’s creative endeavors, journals have been the working place of the world’s greatest thinkers, inventors, and artists. Students will create their own journals, and will be given the opportunity to write while observing nature.

Stones, Hoops and SticksSubjects: Science, Social Studies, Art
Grades: 3-12

Subjects: Social Studies, Physical Education, Team skills, Communication. In this class, students will play an assortment of games developed by Native Americans.

The Great Impact MonsterSubjects: Science, Social Studies, Work Place Schools Development
Grades: K-6

As an introduction to the principles of "minimum impact" and "leave no trace," students will interact in a fun, role-playing skit known as Impact Monster. This exercise will allow students to discuss the positive and negative effects they have on their environment. Post-visit Activity

TrackingSubject: Science
Grades: K-12

Students will use their senses to learn the science of animal tracking. The first part of this class will be an indoor discussion of animal signs and track identification. The second part will be held in the natural setting, and involve a simulated tracking hunt that will allow students to practice their newly learned tracking skills. This program may be modified into a ranger led hike. Please ask for more details.

Venomous CreaturesSubject: Science
Grades 3-12

Scorpions, centipedes, Gila monsters, and more. Learn about these mysterious sometimes frightening but beautiful desert friends, and what to do when encountered. Students explore how and when these creatures use their venom and differences between poison, venom, bite, and sting.

Weather Or NotSubject: Science
Grades: 5-12

Students act as a meteorological news team! They gather weather data using meteorological tools to record the air temperature, air pressure, wind direction, wind speed, and humidity. They report observed and forecasted data on live TV while standing in front of a green screen. Just like real-world television meteorologists.

Wind Blade ChallengeSubject: Science
Grades: 5-12

In teams students compete to design and build wind turbine blades! A multimeter tool is used to measure how well their blades can capture the wind and generate electricity. The team with the highest energy output wins the competition. This fun inquiry-based class introduces the principles of wind energy while encouraging an excitement in the subjects of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

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